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Our Story

Hey! Do you want to know a bit more about us?

Our company is called Naked Cupcakes ltd because our cupcakes come without the paper. We consider cupcake paper as a wasteful, unnecessary thing, that's why our cupcakes come naked. We also try to compost our food waste and packaging; anything not compostable we do our best to recycle. We want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. 

We want to make our customers happy, but so our planet.

We are a small home based company trying to expand. We bake our cupcakes in a small kitchen and strive to always give our customers the best. 

We are always improving our recipes at the same time expanding our range of products. 

About us anchor

What people say?

Absolutely delicious, my son said you should share your food with the world.

Amy J.



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