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£17 per blondie box

Description: This Easter Egg blondie is a delicious treat to have over Easter. Made with White Chocolate and Easter Mini Eggs is perfect for kids (and adults). Enjoy with a cup of your favourite beverage.

This blondie can be delivered Nationwide in UK.

Butter (milk), sugar, eggs, vanilla, flour (wheat), baking powder (wheat), chocolate eggs (milk).

*All products are handmade in the same kitchen and not all products contain dairy, soya, eggs, wheat or nuts but cross contamination may happen.

If you have severe allergy to any of this products we strongly recommend not to have it.

Naked Cupcakes deliver Nationwide to all UK. Delivery will take 1 to 2 days. More delicate products such as cakes and cupcakes are collection only, so please make sure we can deliver your order otherwise your order will be cancelled.

Thanks for shopping with Naked Cupcakes. Due to the nature of the goods we ship we ask that upon receipt of the goods, they are stored appropriately.
Naked Cupcakes does not offer returns or refunds but if you have any complain please let us know and we can sort things out. We are not responsible for any damage during the deliveries.


If you are still looking for more information, or wish to ask any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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